Hi my name is Shannon (aka Emerald).  I am a proud mommy to my beautiful eight year old daughter (and the love of my life), Kaytelynn. We live in a little town deep in the woods of New Hampshire.   I am a musician (trained in all of the woodwinds, piano, voice, strings, and some brass) and a bus driver.  My main instruments are the oboe and clarinet    I have several hobbies including Digital Photography, scrapbooking and digital art just to name a few   I use several 2d programs in my graphics work including Adobe PhotoShop CS3 , Xara Xtreme2, and Corel Painter X .  I also use a BUNCH of plugins from sites such as The Plugin Site, AutoFX, Flaming Pear, Redfield, Name Suppressed, Alien Skin, and MANY more!  I also love 3d graphics and I use Poser 7, Bryce 6 and a whole bunch of other "helper" programs and plugins.  Feel free to grab all the stuff in the goodies section you wish but PLEASE DO NOT take any of my gallery  images.  Keep checking back as I will be adding stuff as often as I can.  To save space on my server, I will be deleting stuff as needed so if you would like certain goodies, you might as well grab them while you can because you never know when they will be replaced with something new   In the tutorial section there are some great tutorials for earlier versions of PhotoImpact that were written by my friend Daniel Lamarche. Someday I may take the time to update them for more recent versions but right now time is not on my side.

Come in and enjoy your visit